Maggie Schultz, a graduate of environmental science and engineering. Originally from Michigan, her work focuses on sustainability and data modeling. Previously, she has worked at Dewberry, the Harvard Sustainability Office, and the SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research. At Harvard,

Grace Kim, a graduate of Harvard College with a B.S. in Engineering Science with focus in aerospace and robotics. Originally from Maryland, her passions range from building satellites to soft robots. Previously, she interned at SpaceX, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, MITRE,

Michael Chen, a graduate of Applied Math and Economics. He is passionate about investment and entrepreneurship. Previously, he founded Evera, a startup making at-home medical care accessible for all. He additionally has worked at Tesla, Tribe Capital, and Insight Partners.

Sílvia Casacuberta Puig, a graduate of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Philosophy — with a concurrent masters in Computer Science. Originally from Barcelona, she is passionate about theoretical computer science and inclusivity. Previously, she has worked at OpenDP, IBM, ETH Zurich,

Arul Kapoor, a graduate of Computer science and Math with a Concurrent Masters in Statistics. Originally from New York, he is passionate about startups and founder ecosystems. Arul is the Co-Founder and President of Prod, a leading MIT-Harvard startup accelerator.

Kidist Alemu, a graduate of the AB/SM program in Computer Science on the Mind, Body, Behavior track. Originally from Ethiopia, she is passionate about tech inclusivity. She served as the underrepresented minorities advocacy director of Harvard WICS, Peer Concentration Advisor,

Xander Davies, a graduate of Computer Science. Originally from Washington, DC, Xander is passionate about AI Safety and is the founder of the HAIST (Harvard AI Safety Team). He previously led the REMIX interpretability residency at Redwood Research and conducted

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