Silicon Valley, Now. Silicon Valley’s lack of diversity has long been something that people have highlighted as well as worked on improving, but this has continued to be an issue. Venture capital firms have continued for decades to fund and

Introduction  Ever since the release of OpenAI’s immensely popular ChatGPT software, AI-generated content has been taking popular culture by storm. The public now has easy access to text generation through ChatGPT, and image generation using other recent software. People have taken

Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț on As we build bigger and more powerful machine learning (ML) models, we also create increasingly darker black box models. If you were to ask the scientists behind ChatGPT and Dall-E 2 how a certain

Addressing the Harvard Institute of Politics’ JFK Jr. Forum, Wall Street Journal’s Jeff Horwitz, describes, “Facebook is deeply partisan …. in favor of Facebook.”  In September of this year, Horowitz spearheaded the Facebook Files, Wall Street Journal's investigation of leaked internal

The meteoric rise, and subsequent fall, of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has been accompanied by the necessary debate of their intrinsic value. Amidst the hype and social commentary, mainstream adoption of the new asset class focuses primarily on the utility of

I asked GPT-3 what the Newish Normal is, and here's what it answered: Q: What is the New Normal? A:  It is what it is.  The new normal has changed since the 2008 economic crisis, so your idea of the "new normal"

Through the many measures taken in response to it, the Covid-19 pandemic revealed to the world the important role an online marketplace can play in our lives, especially as we   progress towards a post-Covid future. Although online shopping is

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