“There you are! Enrico! Hey – Enrico!” His face furrowed in even more intense concentration than usual, Enrico whirled around, startled. “Huh? Oh, yes. Jim. Hello.” “We’ve been wondering where you were for the past hour!” cried Jim, clearly exasperated. “You’ve got

“Zurquul Grug’Nam.”  Cliff sounded out the unfamiliar syllables, stroking his short red beard.  “Zurquul Grug’Nam. Wonder what it means.” “Ssh!”  Howard was almost six inches taller than Cliff, clean-shaven, and muscular.  “Don’t say that! You want to ask questions, be a

Tibby zaps awake from her evening nap at seven o’clock, just like any other day. She stretches her joints and takes eleven steps forward. On the tenth, she stumbles into a chair. Madam must have moved the chair there this morning.

It was a day like any other. Maddie woke to the sound of her mother screeching, the steel embedded in her cheekbones fluttering, bone conduction

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