32 I.O. (years in orbit) The history lesson I taught last Tuesday was meant to be the highlight of the … More


For years, there had been a bug in Lupita’s hair.  She had bought the cheap implant as a medical student, … More

The Stream

The doctor pressed his finger against the flesh of her temple, searching for something. He was a kind, older man, … More

Zurquul Grug’Nam

“Zurquul Grug’Nam.”  Cliff sounded out the unfamiliar syllables, stroking his short red beard.  “Zurquul Grug’Nam. Wonder what it means.” “Ssh!”  … More

From Cradle to Grave

It was a day like any other. Maddie woke to the sound of her mother screeching, the steel embedded in her cheekbones fluttering, bone conduction…