Millions of Americans with disabilities are excluded from voting and participating in our presidential elections. For example, this year’s televised presidential and vice-presidential debates were inaccessible to viewers with hearing loss. Despite voter equality legislation and more accessible polling options,

The 2020 US election is only a few days away, and like most things in life, it is being drastically affected by developments in technology. Recent events have deterred some from trusting technology to preserve our right to vote. However,

Source: University of Toronto Magazine. Even in the unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the headlines are inundated with ways that artificial intelligence is being used to assist coronavirus patients and perhaps even prevent future pandemics. Not far from these auspicious articles are

Writer’s Note: Currently, I am working as a software engineering intern at Ameelio remotely, through spring and summer 2020. Specifically, right now, I am working on writing web crawlers to build a seamless, searchable nationwide inmate database. All uncited quotes come

On April 10, Apple and Google announced their partnership to build a Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform. Set to launch in May, the API would allow public health authorities to develop apps that would use the Bluetooth functionality on Android and

The greatest threat to our democracy is not foreign interference in elections, or political polarization, or fake news. It is our voter turnout. A democracy is supposed to be a system of government by the whole population, but the 2016

In 2008, when Obama cruised past his better connected, better known rival Hillary Clinton, and defeated John McCain to take the presidency, he made history by using social media and the internet to directly interact with millions of potential voters.

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