In Solidarity

To members of the Harvard Tech Review community,

Our hearts are breaking over the events of the past several days. After taking a few days to observe and reflect, we state our stand of solidarity with the Black community. We condemn all forms of police brutality and misconduct, and like many of our peers, we call for systemic change in the criminal justice system. We reaffirm our commitment to Black members of our community, and we are here to listen to you and support you.

The Harvard Technology Review was founded to explore and interrogate technology’s complicated role in society. Over the past 72 hours, we’ve seen how technology lies at the center of the calls for justice and the nationwide movement against structural racism. A digital camera was used to film George Floyd’s murder. Information about this horrific murder quickly circulated around social media and sparked nationwide outrage toward the forces of structural racism, systemic inequality, and police brutality that lie at the heart of this nation. In response, the government has deployed surveillance technologies and militarized police technologies to suppress voices and inflict violence. Social media has been used to both divide and unite, spreading misinformation and hate, but also providing a platform for black digital activists and the mobilization of information and resources. 

It has never before been this apparent that journalism has the power to either challenge injustice and systems of power or perpetuate and exacerbate them. We have an obligation to bring thoughtful, critical dialogue about technology’s role in this movement. Over the next few weeks, we will be committing our editorial cycle to covering technology’s intersection with these matters, uplifting and amplifying the voices of digital activists, and creating virtual spaces to engage in informed discussion. Specifically:

  1. We will be matching donations up to $1,000 to the organizations below. Venmo @HarvardTechReview and we will ensure both your donation and our matching are donated evenly across two ActBlue funds, one centered on community bail funds and the other splitting contributions across 11 organizations including BLM, NAACP, Reclaim the Block, and more.
  2. We will be conducting spotlights of the Black Lives Matter movement and the digital activists affiliated with it.
  3. We will be actively covering news related to how different technologies intersect with this moment.

Please let us know if you want to get involved in the dialogue in the coming week. We are open to opinions, news pieces, editorials, podcasts, artwork, and any other form of media, that touch upon technology’s role in the Black Lives Matter movement. Sign up here to contribute

Additionally, if you’re looking for other actionable ways to contribute, we’ve compiled a list of resources, including petitions, places to donate if you have the means to do so, and educational materials.

As we all look for ways to express our thoughts and frustrations, know that our inboxes are open to you for any support you need. We want to hear your voices and start conversations. We are here for you. We hope that you all stay safe and healthy, and we will all strive to do our parts to create a better future for our country.

In solidarity,

The Harvard Tech Review Executive Board

For a more comprehensive list of resources, please visit here.

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