Harvard Tech Review’s Top Ten Seniors In Innovation 2023

Every year unveils the subtle brilliance that flows through Harvard’s daily endeavors, as a fresh wave of graduates emerges, ready to cast their dreams upon tomorrow. This year, we track the stories of ten such inspiring minds, as they meld knowledge, creativity, and relentless determination into daring visions. They are the audacious leaders constructing satellites, uncovering new mathematical foundations, founding novel healthcare startups, and forging peace between humans and artificial intelligence. Our goal with this series is to provide an intimate look into the journeys, triumphs, and challenges of these exceptional individuals.

Choosing just ten from the hundreds of submissions was no small feat. The nominations we received bore testimony to a generation brimming with boundless creativity. Indeed, the narratives of ten individuals barely scratch the surface, but they provide a cross-section into the diversity of thought and promise within Harvard’s innovation community.

In these stories, find a collection of moments where perseverance waltzes with brilliance, and where the bittersweetness of graduating whispers of worlds yet to be explored. We invite you to step into their shoes, if only for a moment. In celebrating their triumphs and honoring their journey, perhaps you will unravel a bit of the future they are weaving. An homage to the past, a toast to what’s to come — these are their stories, and our future.

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