The Harvard Technology Review’s Summer 2021 Fellowship: New Kids on the Block(chain) is a unique opportunity for rising Harvard first-years to get hands-on experience working on a college publication.

During the 2-week-long fellowship, rising first-years will work with student editors and publishers to brainstorm, write, and edit their own article which will be published by the Tech Review. This year’s fellowship theme is the blockchain and cryptocurrency!

In addition to the opportunity to publish an article, fellows will get to:

  • Improve their research, writing, and editing skills
  • Learn more about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Meet other first-years ahead of the fall semester
  • Get to know the Tech Review’s excellent student board members, and
  • Learn what it’s like to be a part of a student publication at Harvard.

There is an exciting schedule of events planned, including:

  • A panel discussion with experts in blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • Brainstorming, writing, and editing workshops
  • 1-on-1 meetings with our editors
  • Socials, and
  • Q&A with our board about life at Harvard


Applications are closed as of July 9th, 2021. Thank you to everyone who applied!


This year, the fellowship will take place from Monday, July 26th 2021 to Sunday, August 8th, 2021. All meetings will be virtual and take place after 5pm EST.


The fellowship is open to rising first-years who plan on enrolling this fall at Harvard College. No prior publication experience is required. Women, non-binary folks, and people with identities that are under-represented in tech are especially welcome at the Tech Review and are encouraged to apply.


The program is free.


Questions about the application or the fellowship can be directed to the president of the Tech Review, Paige, at contact@harvardtechnologyreview.com.


The theme for this year’s fellowship is the blockchain because of its rising importance in society and the relatively weak understanding of this topic among the public. There are a number of issues and questions related to the blockchain that warrant immediate explanation and interrogation, including:

  • The environmental effect of the blockchain and cryptocurrency
  • The effects of a decentralized financial system
  • Who can benefit from the blockchain and cryptocurrencies
  • Unequal access to knowledge and resources relating to the blockchain
  • The relationship between blockchain and the government
  • Where the blockchain is going next
  • And more!

Fellows do not need to have any prior experience or familiarity with the blockchain and cryptocurrency to participate, just an interest in learning more about the theme.

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