Dear Mr. Moon

By Siyan Chan

Silvery light shone through the ashy wisps;

      hung on the midnight sky, cool and crisp,

a pearl in the deep dark ocean:

      a treasure amidst the lost motion.

The little girl stood still,

as the evening breeze caressed the rolling hills.

She stared at the midnight pearl

and wondered,

at this time of the night, do secrets unfurl?

Tell me, she begged.


In the midst of pandemonium,

of chaos,

where do we find the inner peace?

where all things in harmony, co-exist.

Do we just wish,

with all our might that it will get better?

where one day we will learn,


we will change.

But thoughts mean nothing,

without actions.

Empty words roll off

like smoke from a cigarette.

vanishing in thin air…



the pearl shone brighter than ever

in the ocean of grayish-amber.

the wisps of clouds parted,

giving way to her majesty

giving light to her world

to us.


It is just.

It is fair.

The light at the end of the tunnel, forever there.

Dear Mr. Moon,

       thank you for your tireless light,

         giving life even on the darkest nights.

About the author:

Siyan Chan is from the Garden City also known as Singapore. Growing up on a small island-country bordered by the oceans, it’s a wonder how many of us don’t see the ocean very often, but she does enjoy the sea-nic view, sparkling teal under the azure blue… Oh, what a time to be alive.

About The Author

Co-President, Harvard Tech Review

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