By Britney Pham A poem that reveals a different perspective when read backwards line by line “I know I can change the world.”Is a statement I am skeptical about.My response to these unprecedented circumstances have little impactDeaths in the thousands rise each

By Ng Jun Heng, Rayson Abstract: The first and last sentences of this essay are taken from the first line of the famous novel "A Tale of Two Cities”, a story about two cities during the tumultuous environment of the French Revolution.

By Rachel Levin [There is a creaking, long and apologetic, indicating the closing ofa door. Fabric rustles. The subject sighs.]Subject 234: You know I haven’t seen another person in 554 days. Theleast you all could do was put someone in here

By Steve Kusuma Quarantine.An ostensibly strange fever dreamFilled with sensibly angled companies, hearts dangling at the seam,Or blue-blooded celebrities preaching messages of relatability,Breams turning the result of human fallibility, into maximum profitability. Perhaps it's the perennial contrast of opinions,Yelling that we’re all

By Alyssa Ho this is an odewithout any beginningor a thoughtto how it will end this is an odethat as I writeI feel the warm hum of airatoms not touchingyet bouncing like sparksand now they are elsewhere this is an odefor the notes

By Melody Xu About: Melody Xu, 14 years old, is a freshman at Naperville Central High School. When she was three, she fell in love with classical music, so since then, she has devoted herself to the musical world, and currently,

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