Dear Mr. Moon

By Siyan Chan Silvery light shone through the ashy wisps;       hung on the midnight sky, cool and crisp, a … More

Crop of Hope

By Victor Tong Nagong’s garden was the eighth wonder of the world: part jungle and part cornucopia, bursting with heavenly … More

Looking for Hope

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Novel Hopes

By Ng Jun Heng, Rayson Abstract: The first and last sentences of this essay are taken from the first line … More

Interview #234

By Rachel Levin [There is a creaking, long and apologetic, indicating the closing ofa door. Fabric rustles. The subject sighs.]Subject … More

thoughts on quarantine

By Steve Kusuma Quarantine.An ostensibly strange fever dreamFilled with sensibly angled companies, hearts dangling at the seam,Or blue-blooded celebrities preaching … More

An Ode to Right Now

By Alyssa Ho this is an odewithout any beginningor a thoughtto how it will end this is an odethat as … More


By Melody Xu About: Melody Xu, 14 years old, is a freshman at Naperville Central High School. When she was … More