Despite being well known as the software that underlies cryptocurrencies, blockchains have far-reaching applications within our society. These immutable, decentralized public databases have been incorporated in the health care, legal, and financial systems. Because they have become so ingrained in Hello everyone! Enjoy this video created during the 2021 Harvard Tech Review Fellowship of how new technology can be used to add social value and to fight against climate change.  You will be given an introduction into the problem of the so-called

  After months of enduring quarantine and maintaining social distancing practices, many have decided that the 2020s will forever be known as a decade defined by disease. However, although the coronavirus has reshaped our interactions and made fashion industries out of

The internet is democratizing. Less than a few decades ago, people relied on libraries for research, printing houses for news, and public forums for communication. Now, we have the autonomy of a simple Google search or Zoom call. The

Introduction Curiosity and convenience, I believe, have and continue to accelerate the development of technology in modern society. As technology improves, so too do various aspects of life; allowing separated loved ones to communicate from across the globe, shortening the

What if? Destroyed, Emigrated, Stranded, Forced, Starved were the only few words your life revolved around for 24 months. You were subjected to mass executions. Death marches in the middle of a desert were the normal. You were forced

The overlap between tech innovation and music over the past few decades promised a revolutionized music industry with space for all types of artists to prosper and find creative and monetary empowerment. Indeed there is no denying that this

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