“Something More”: An original musical composition performed by a virtual choir.

By Joelle Peresin


I first had the idea for this choral composition when a friend mentioned that all they hear these days is bad news. I thought about how when you are performing or listening to music, it consumes you; all you hear is music. Music is incredibly powerful in this way, and my piece expresses how music can keep us connected even when we are apart. I hope it inspires others to remain musical through these times. I organized a virtual choir to sing my piece, as I believe “hope during a pandemic” is represented by musicians coming together, creating something special.

About the author:

Joelle Peresin is an incoming freshman at Queen’s University in the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program. In addition to pursuing her passion for STEM, Joelle is also an advocate for the importance of music education. Joelle is currently working as an educator at the Mississauga Children’s Choir, as well as a private piano and voice teacher. She is a recent graduate from Cawthra Park Secondary School’s Regional Arts Vocal Program.

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Co-President, Harvard Tech Review

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