The Silent Prayer

By Jannat Anees Description: This watercolour, silver leaf and gold ink painting seeks to depict the crucial role of medical … More

Under the Mask

By Helen Ngo Description: Virus. Infected. Thug. Dangerous. I created a split portrait between an Asian and African child bounded … More

Dai: Passion

By Andy Dai Description: I based Passion literally and expressively on the challenge-theme. Literally, I derived a serialism set from … More

When We Meet Again

By Abbey Clerke Description: Inspired by the global scenes of neighbours singing together from their balconies during isolation, ‘When We … More

Pandemic Heroes

By Sriya Sogal Description: My painting demonstrates “hope during a pandemic” by depicting the real heroes in the fight against … More

You Are Alive

By Trisha Mondal Description: My audio-visual dance presentation uses lyrical-Indian fusion dance forms to show ‘hope during a pandemic’. I … More