By Hannah Flores Description: I love to travel, and I am deeply saddened that I will be stuck at home for a while, so I incorporated some footage from my travels throughout the film. Being born in the height of the

By Andy Dai Description: I based Passion literally and expressively on the challenge-theme. Literally, I derived a serialism set from “hope-during-a-pandemic”, where each letter was numerically translated into its corresponding tone (eg. 1st-alphabet-letter A to 1st-tone C… 2nd-letter B to 2nd-tone

By Abbey Clerke Description: Inspired by the global scenes of neighbours singing together from their balconies during isolation, ‘When We Meet Again’ encapsulates the sense of hope that these encounters stir. The musicians and dancers in the artwork are celebrating our

By Kyla Goksoy Description: There is always hope at the end of every tunnel. Some tunnels just happen to be longer, challenging and depressing than others, we just need to find the light that can give us patience and hope. And

By Sriya Sogal Description: My painting demonstrates “hope during a pandemic” by depicting the real heroes in the fight against Covid-19. I created newspapers and a collage to showcase the multitude of events that have been happening, including the lockdowns and

By Trisha Mondal Description: My audio-visual dance presentation uses lyrical-Indian fusion dance forms to show ‘hope during a pandemic’. I have stitched Richard Hendricks’ “Lockdown”, and Maya Angelou’s “I Rise” to recite this composition. The poem starts with a note of

By Angela Li Description: My entry is an educational colouring book for kids on the topic of COVID-19. Recently, I noticed that many parents were struggling to adjust to working at home while having to explain the situation to their young

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