Under the Mask

By Helen Ngo

Description: Virus. Infected. Thug. Dangerous. I created a split portrait between an Asian and African child bounded by a mask. This pandemic is a raging killer, suppressor, and now, a rebellion. How can there be hope? Simple. It takes discomfort to change and suffering to unite. The whole planet is together writing in history’s pages. I used to grieve looking at media news, but now I feel fired, I feel hope. We’re fighting this pandemic along with 7 billion others, we are suffering for the better world of the next generation, of our children. We are all together under the mask.

About the author:

Helen Ngo is an eleventh grader from Fremont, California. Art has captivated her for as long as she could remember, but some of her other interests include fitness, music, and writing. Writing is her sword. Art is her shield. It’s how she bends instead of breaking in this world, and hopefully, it’ll help others bend too.

About The Author

Co-President, Harvard Tech Review

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