The Silent Prayer

By Jannat Anees

Description: This watercolour, silver leaf and gold ink painting seeks to depict the crucial role of medical workers to avert the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. Inspired by religious imagery usually showing prophets and priests praying to a divine entity, I try to highlight how doctors, paramedics and front-line workers truly have the capacity to seek salvation for the whole of mankind in these pressing times, presenting us hope for the future. By replacing the halo (otherwise present in iconography of sacred figures) with a double helix, I try to emphasize on how closely connected everyone impacted by the pandemic is.

About the author:

Jannat Anees is an A Level student from a humble household in Lahore, and she uses art as a medium to overcome her anxiety and amplify the voices of women in her community. When she is not buried knee-deep in homework, you can find her binge watching anime or crying over YA characters. She aspires to become a programmer and open her own little stationery shop. You can find her posting art on Instagram at

About The Author

Co-President, Harvard Tech Review

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