Doodles vs. Disease Educational Colouring Book for Kids

By Angela Li

Description: My entry is an educational colouring book for kids on the topic of COVID-19. Recently, I noticed that many parents were struggling to adjust to working at home while having to explain the situation to their young children. I realized that our next generation will grow up and merely see the pandemic as a small blip in their childhood, unless we take responsibility and properly educate them so as to prevent this happening again. Thus, I took it upon myself to illustrate a collection of colouring pages so that kids could have a fun, interactive way to learn about hygiene and stopping the spread of disease. I hope you enjoy!

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About the author:

Angela Li is 18 years old and from Whitby, Ontario, Canada. She has always been a creator, being involved in visual arts and music from a young age. As a child, her guilty pleasure was reading comics such as the classic, Garfield. This inspired her to explore the world of cartooning and has fueled her fire to make art for the greater good.

About The Author

Co-President, Harvard Tech Review

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