You Are Alive

By Trisha Mondal

Description: My audio-visual dance presentation uses lyrical-Indian fusion dance forms to show ‘hope during a pandemic’. I have stitched Richard Hendricks’ “Lockdown”, and Maya Angelou’s “I Rise” to recite this composition. The poem starts with a note of melancholy that people feel during a pandemic, progressing to a note of exhilaration to show that we can rise above every obstacle that comes our way and prove there is always a silver lining. Through the use of my facial expressions and moves, I was able to demonstrate the transformation of gloom into joy and hope.

About the author:

Trisha Mondal is a sophomore at Stevenson High School in Illinois. She is passionate about reducing inequities for underprivileged people through cancer care and education. In her free time, she tutors underserved students, teaches STEM lessons, and helps educate about cancer care inequity. Additionally, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, learning new forms of dance, taking walks outside, and baking!

About The Author

Co-President, Harvard Tech Review

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