Pandemic Heroes

By Sriya Sogal

Description: My painting demonstrates “hope during a pandemic” by depicting the real heroes in the fight against Covid-19. I created newspapers and a collage to showcase the multitude of events that have been happening, including the lockdowns and the Black lives movement. In the center of my piece, I wanted to highlight the everyday people that have been risking their lives for their communities. Whether it be healthcare workers, grocery workers, truck drivers, and the countless others who are making sacrifices for the greater good, to me, they embody the true definition of hope during a pandemic.

About the author:

Sriya Sogal is an ambitious high school junior who enjoys reading, being outdoors and watching movies. She is an avid artist and loves photography and painting. Apart from art, she is passionate about STEM and tennis. She’s grateful to be given this opportunity and she’s excited to see how creativity will be used to solve real-world problems!

About The Author

Co-President, Harvard Tech Review

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